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Heel-O-Matic Pro Best For: Heelers and Headers Key Feature: Battery-powered patented hop allows stationary practice ■ Manually control the speed of the patented Heel-O-Matic Hop with a battery system run by a manual control box with on-board computer chip technology. ■ Practice timing with our patented Heel-O-Matic Hop. ■ Capable of stationary timing practice. The Heel-O-Matic PRO gives ropers the opportunity to control the speed of the Patented Heel-O-Matic Hop with a simple control box and battery system. This produces a steady hop speed, regardless of the pull speed. In addition, the PRO can produce the Patented Heel-O-Matic Hop when the machine is stationary for specialized training drills. We’ve packed and sealed our shaft bearings to reduce friction and increase the life of your machine. Each PRO is equipped with a turning head, collapsible horns, and a rear leg dally kit to let heelers practice their hard hits and accuracy. We tipped our horns to eliminate hang-ups and provide a smoother release. A new, additional spring in the head produces a snappy, quick return and a steady position when being pulled. Competitive Comparisons: Savvy shoppers will research their options when it comes to the purchase of a team roping dummy. Be sure to note these points when gathering information: The Patented Heel-O-Matic hop. Observing the natural movement of steers reveals that their hips and rear legs move in a rhythmic, circular pattern. We’ve carefully duplicated this movement to provide the most accurate movement available for your training. If you study the movement the “stride,” of other brands, you’ll see that the rear legs simply swing from front to back. We feel this can cause a false sense of delivery, and this type of roping machine can’t “hop” over the top strand of your loop. Click here to watch video of the Heel-O-Matic Hop! The compact length of the PRO frame results in the best maneuverability of any roping practice machine available. This means tighter turns and more realistic run patterns. Be sure to note the frame length of competitive products. A long frame can only turn in a larger arc: a physics law that live cattle rarely follow! The majority of the PRO’s weight is carried on the skids, not the tires. This produces a smoother pull and less compaction in your arena. Some competitive products carry the majority of their weight on a single tire, resulting in a bouncing, unrealistic run. Heel-O-Matic prides itself on producing the most life-like roping dummy on the market. Be sure to compare and contrast the neck length of the PRO to other competitive products. WEIGHT: Approximately 175 lbs The PRO is durable, weather-resistant, and comes with a full year mechanical warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’re protected by our 7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!*

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