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Roping Dummies, Team Ropes and More

At Key'd Up Rodeo, we know that practicing your roping technique with dummies is just as important as practicing with real calves and steers. Roping dummies are great for “Perfect Practice,” so you can learn, train your horses and warm up before you rope. To be the best at what you do, it's smart to stock up on roping dummies and other roping supplies. We have highly effective dummies that allow you to practice anywhere at any time. You can hone your skills at your own pace to keep them as sharp as possible in preparation for your next rodeo.

You Deserve the Best Team Roping Supplies

Our roping supplies category also includes team roping supplies, Cactus ropes team ropes and calf ropes and other essentials. They're made by some of today's most respected brands and manufacturers, and we only stock items that are of the utmost quality that have been made, endorsed or sold by PRCA Cowboys. From team roping ropes to horse boots or saddle pads, our lineup has everything you need to be the very best. Thanks to our everyday low prices, you can stock up on what you need without feeling the pinch. We offer free shipping on most items, except for our heaviest items such as roping dummies.