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Cactus Gear Insect Barrier Mask Cactus Gear Insect Barrier Mask with Ears CACTUS RUBBER PULL ON BELL BOOTS
Keep your horse’s face protected from flies, biting insects and sun bleaching with this Insect Barrier Mask.

   Polyvinyl-coated mesh provides comfortable protection
   Elastic jaw strap is safe and comfortable
   Soft fleece binding for comfort
   Toughest hook and loop closures for accurate fit and long life.

COLOR:  tan with hunter trim
Keep your horse’s head and ears free from flies and biting insects and protect against sun bleaching with this quality mask.

   Polyvinyl-coated mesh over the eyes
   Soft 220 gram airflow mesh over the ears
   Elastic jaw strap for secure fit and increased safety
   Soft fleece binding for comfort
   Highest grade hook and loop closures

COLOR:  tan with burgundy trim
These Rubber Pull-On Bell Boots are heavy-duty, long-lasting and high quality. They have great stretch and go on easily, while helping to prevent injury from overreach. Available in M and L sizes
Cactus Gear Axiom Sport Boot Back On Track Therapeutic Polo Wraps RELENTLESS ALL-AROUND BELL BOOT
Cactus Gear Axiom Sport Boot (front)

Ultimate overreach protection We call these our “bullet proof” bell boots. Our extensive use of high tech materials provides maximum protection against heel bulb, coronet band injuries. The Armortex™ Strike Plate on the back of the boot absorbs and deflects impact. It’s thick and textured to protect the sensitive bulbs of your horse’s heels. Super tough to take a lot of strikes without tearing or scuffing, increasing the life of your bell boots. A tough, pliable Kevlar™ band around the bottom of the boot reduces “rebound” (the tendency for boots to pop up when working in deep footing) and resists wear and tear. 2520 Denier ballistic nylon body for long-lasting performance Toughest double-locking hook and loop closures for secure fit and extended boot life. Interior heel bulb for perfectly positioned boot application and maintaining proper positioning during aggressive maneuvers. COLORS: black, white, red, blue, chocolate SIZES: S, M, L (Small in black and white only)

Polo Wraps Reflect Horse’s Body Warmth, Produce Soft Warmth Therapy While You Ride Our Polo Wraps are made our state-of-the-art fabric, which is infused with ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used to relieve and heal injured muscles, joints, and tendons. When you wrap your horse’s legs with these Polo Wraps, our unique fabric creates a gentle warmth, which reduces swelling and inflammation and keeps your horse’s legs tight. Our Polo Wraps contain more elastic than traditional wraps so they contour to the leg better, provide excellent support, and don’t shift or rub. They are also more durable. We designed our Polo Wraps ONLY for use during exercise. They should not be used overnight or as a standing bandage as there is a risk they are fastened too tight and hinder blood flow

All- new, heavy duty 2520 denier ballistic nylon with a clean, contoured fit that stays in place. Built in heel bulbs.
Sizes; M,L
Colors; White, Black, Red, Blue, Brown
Back On Track Bell Boots BAYOU WEST- WOOL FELT UNDER PAD Back On Track Therapeudic No Bows
Back On Track Bell Boots
Our Price: $45.00
Back On Track Bell Boots This under pad is a 3/8" piece of wool felt that is made to go under your top pad. It will conform to the withers of your horse for a maximum fit, which will help keep things in their place. Easily washed and reused. These can be ordered with or without oiled wear leathers. Wrap your horse’s legs with our Therapeutic No Bow Wraps to help decrease swelling and reduce wind puffs without the use of liniment or poultice.
Our No Bow Leg Wraps are a cotton/polyester blend material of our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric infused with ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used to relieve and heal injured muscles, joints, and tendons. When you wrap your horse’s legs with these wraps, our unique ceramic infused fabric creates gentle warmth which may help decrease swelling and soften or completely reduce wind puffs without the use of liniment or poultice. Use the No Bow Leg Wraps with standing bandages after a strenuous ride and leave them on overnight. You can also use them when you ship your horse. These leg wraps are ideal for injury recovery or prevention.
Back On Track Saddle Pad Leather skid boots Cactus Gear Axiom Sport Boot (hind)
Leather skid boots
Our Price: $76.99
Back on Track Saddle Pad These leather skid boots offer the ultimate in fetlock protection for equine athletes that stop hard, slide hard and turn hard. GREAT horse protection!
  • Sleek design perfect for practice or competition
  • Offers vital support and protection
  • Comes in a variety of colors
Cactus Gear Axiom Sport Boots Back On Track Hock Boots With Holes Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Boots
  • The best impact protection for Equine athletes
  • Unique strap that wraps under fetlock for critical lift and support of suspensory ligaments
  • Comes in a variety of colors
Hock Boots Provide Gentle Warmth Therapy for your Horse’s Hocks

Our Hock Boots with Holes give you another choice for dealing with arthritic or capped hocks. Consisting of a neoprene exterior, we infused the interior of the boot with our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric containing ceramic powder which reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. This is a well-recognized method used to help relieve and heal injured muscles, joints, and tendons. The boot fastens around the hock but leaves the hock point uncovered. Attached Velcro™ straps allow you to adjust the boots’ fit. When you these boots it helps to use standing wraps to prevent them from sliding down.

Our Hock Boots with Holes are ideal to use for injury prevention or recovery. Do not use our Hock Boots without Holes for turnout.
Back on Track Knee Boots
RELENTLESS ALL AROUND SPORT BOOT Back On Track Equine Cactus Gear Soft Mesh Insect Barrier Sheet
  • Relentless All Around Sport Boot
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Sleek, streamlined fit contours to cannon bone to prevent cross-over injuries
Therapeutic Exercise Boots Keep your Horse’s Muscles Loose and Supple, Legs Cool and Tight

Back on Track products have ceramic powder in their unique Welltex textile products. The ceramic reflects back body warmth as a far infrared wave that effectively stimulates blood circulation in the body.  Keeps your horse’s lower leg muscles loose and supple and cool and tight.

Olympic rider Michelle Gibson says these are "the best exercise boots ever."  This product is also a bestseller in Germany where Olympic Gold Medalist Isabell Werth thinks this is the best product on the market today!

The Exercise Boots are made of highly durable neoprene. They offer an excellent fit and superior protection as they easily form close contact with the tendons and bones in the lower leg. The neoprene hinders dirt and gravel from penetrating the boots. These are just some of the reasons our Exercise Boots are so popular.

   The Exercise Boots are an excellent choice for having the Back on Track effect during the entire workout, and to save time.
   The Exercise Boots are used for prevention by reducing the risk of ligament damage and attach with Velcro straps.

The inside is lined with 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric infused with ceramic powder.

Available for Front or Hind legs.
Keep your stabled horses comfortable with this Soft Mesh Insect Barrier.  It allows the coat to breathe while protecting it from biting insects and sun bleaching.

   Lightweight, 220 gram airflow mesh
   Nylon-lined shoulder area for smooth fit, strength and protection against coat rub
   Shoulder gussets for freedom of movement and reduced shoulder rub
   Heavy duty nickel-plated hardware
   Adjustable elastic rear leg straps
   Fleece over wither area prevents rubbing
   Recommended for use on stabled horses

Color:  Tan with Burgundy Trim
Cactus Gear Insect Barrier Sheet Cactus Gear Super Slide Skid Boots Back On Track Quick Wraps
Back On Track Quick Wraps
Our Price: $93.00
If your horses are turned out on a regular basis, protect them from biting insects and heat while protecting coat colors from sun bleaching.

   1000 Denier vinyl-coated mesh protects against, insects, heat and sun bleaching
   Fleece over withers prevents rubbing
   Elastic, adjustable rear leg straps
   Open front design with two buckle closures for proper fit

COLOR:  Tan with Hunter Trim
Maximum Hind Leg Protection

When you’re looking for extra hind leg protection against slide burn and concussive injuries, choose these no-rub Tall Skid boots.

   The fetlock area features a durable, molded rubber skid plate to prevent slide burn and provide cushion and support during aggressive stops.
   A tough, AmorTex® covered splint pad protects against impact and concussion injuries.
   Boot body is constructed from high-density neoprene with bound edges for a clean look and longer life.
   Tall design protects from fetlock joint nearly to the hock.
   Designed for a close fit, contouring to the fetlock to reduce dirt accumulation.
   Heavy duty hook and loop closures keep boots firmly in place during aggressive use.
  • Back on Track Quick Wraps
  • Reduces pain and swelling without liniments
  • Great for hauling and pre-rodeo preparation
Back On Track Mesh Neck Cover Back On Track Mesh Sheets RELENTLESS STABLE BLANKET
Our Price: $124.99
Sale Price: $109.99
Savings: $15.00
Neck Cover Relieves Tired, Sore Muscles by Using Horse’s Own Body Warmth

Tight, stiff neck muscles are a thing of the past with our therapeutic Horse Neck Cover. Designed with breathable mesh and Back on Track’s unique Welltex fabric containing ceramic powder, it reflects your horse’s own body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal heat. Tired muscles find immediate relief after a hard workout or use prior to exercise to help muscles warm up and loosen. For total body heat therapy for your horse, combine with Back on Track’s Mesh Horse Sheet.

Neck Cover includes D rings for easy fastening.

Sizes correspond with the blanket size.

Shoulder guard has removable pads across the chest, and on both side of the withers. It slips overhead and has a Velcro belly strap.
The Shoulder Guard, is designed to optimise freedom of movement, as well as minimising the rubbing/chafing effect of Blankets. Made with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric to provide soothing, pain relieving far infrared therapy to help alleviate problems with stiffness and injuries to muscles & soft tissues. The Shoulder Guard is easy to apply, comfortable and has three dimension, removable padding to assist in reducing pressure around the withers/shoulder area.

Instructions for Use

The Back on Track shoulder guard should be introduced gradually. We recommend you start by using it for 2-4 hours for the first 3-4 days and then leave it on overnight for best results. After 3-4 weeks use it for 3-6 days a week and you will see what a difference it makes for your horse.
May be use under the Fleece Blanket or Mesh Sheet.
Please note that physical responses can be variable.
Often you will notice a reduction of muscular stiffness within a few hours or days. Occasionally, however, you will need to persevere for 10 days to 30 days, particularly with established long-term injuries.
For best results, leave shoulder guard on overnight after introductory period or let your horse wear it prior to exercise to help muscles warm up. Not recommended for turnout.

Choose same size as blanket.
Sizes: 72” (125cm), 75” (135cm), 78” (145cm), 81” (155cm), 84” (165cm)
Color: Black
Material: Exterior - 80% Nylon - 20% Spandex blend infused with ceramic powder.
Care: Machine washable up to 86°F or 30°C. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.
Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy. The effectiveness of Back on Track’s thermal warmth therapy has been established by medical science.

  • Relentless All Around Stable Blanket
  • Three belly straps to ensure it will stay on
  • 420 Denier
Cactus Gear 1200D Turnout Sheet Cactus Gear Stable Blanket Cactus Leather Skid Boots
Cactus Gear 1200D Turnout Sheet
Our Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $109.99
Savings: $20.00
Cactus Gear Stable Blanket
Our Price: $109.99

Cactus Gear 1200D Turnout Sheet

  • Cactus Gear Stable Blanket
  • 420 Denier
  • Designed for "indoor" horses to keep hair nice and slick
These leather skid boots offer the ultimate in fetlock protection for equine athletes that stop hard, slide hard and turn hard.

   High-quality, supple leather
   Shock absorbing foam liner
   Superior protection against sliding stop burn
   Buckle closures for no-shift, custom fit

SIZE:  One size fits most

Relentless leather skid boots Team Equine Splint Boots Cactus Gear Leather Splint Boots

Relentless Leather Skid Boots are made of heavy-duty harness leather for support and wear and tear coupled with heavily oiled, softer leather for added flexibility in the fetlock joint makes this skid boot a must for any horse with a big stop. These skid boots are designed to stay in place stop after stop and provide comfortable and lasting protection. Great way to keep your horse protected from getting sore!

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel buckle
  • Leather-lined cup
Front & Hind Splint Boots from Team Equine.

Being an industry leader in manufacturing and importing of equine products takes passion, and a desire to create high quality items for people who love to ride horses as much as we do. That's why from cutting edge technology to our innovative core, Team Equine prides itself on second to none quality. We hope you enjoy our saddle pads, protective boots, cinches and related items as well whether on the ranch, at a competition or summiting a new trail.
These Leather Splint Boots are designed to alleviate concussion while protecting your horse’s splint and cannon bones. Great protection for all equine athletes in all disciplines.
   Made of supple, oil-tanned leather.
   Shock absorbing foam protects and conforms to horse’s leg.
   Lightweight, 3-buckle design provides safe, secure fit without restricting movement.



Horse Blankets, Horse Apparel, & Horse Boots

We know how important it is take care of your horse. We offer a variety of horse blankets to keep them warm from Cactus Gear & Relentless. We offer horse boots to protect & support their legs, Back On Track, Equi FlexSleeves, Polo Wraps, Ice Vibe Boots, etc. Weather it is for performance, injury recovery, maintenance, or just pampering we have it. To be the best at what you do, it's smart to take the best care of your horse as possible. Horses are athletes & need to the best quality products they deserve. Enjoy the free shipping!


We special order Lazy L Saddles to best fit your size & style. Lazy L Saddles are brand from Larry Coats. You choose your tooling, conchos, seat color & size, any borders, stirrups, etc. Your Lazy L Saddle will arrive at your doorstep when completed at no extra charge. el