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Protect Your Horse’s Health

To make the most of your rodeo experience, you and your horse need to be in optimal health. That's a lot easier when you invest in high-quality horse feed supplements and other animal health products from Key'd Up Rodeo. We have herbs for horses that are proven to improve a variety of common issues. We're proud to stock products from reputable, respected brands like Silver Lining, FLAIR Nasal Strips, and Back on Track apparel, so you can rest assured that you're getting the very best. Every brand we stock has been made, sold or endorsed by PRCA athletes or their sponsors, so you can feel confident in the quality you’re purchasing.

Perform Your Best with Products from Key’d Up Rodeo

In addition to horse grooming supplies, joint supplements for horses, ice boots for horses and other animal health products, Key'd Up Rodeo is happy to sell a huge assortment of products that help ropers and riders perform their very best too. Specialized socks, gloves, blankets, and other supplies from Back on Track make it easy to stay healthy and on pace, and you'll heartily approve of our competitive prices. With Ice Vibe boots,Equi FlexSleeves, Flair Nasal Strips, Supplements, Horse Blankets, Fly Sheets, Splint Boots, etc. you can give your horses the care they need. Take a look around and find everything you need to keep your horse in optimal health. With our free shipping on most items, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees at checkout.